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Nutley, NJ

Modern Meadow

This amazingly colorful and playful mural suite for Modern Meadow is a perfect example of ArtEtc's ability to take a client's concept and take it to new heights! ArtEtc used Modern Meadow's technologies in the BioTech world along with their mission for sustainability to create over 30 murals that are scattered around each floor and created a meeting room that merged the ideas of dimension, texture, and playfulness perfectly in this large facility in Nutley, NJ. ArtEtc worked closely with Modern Meadow to create fresh, new, bold designs that the client couldn't be more happy with. This enormous project was painted with a team of 5 artists over a 5 day period. ArtEtc is here to take your idea into a reality you didn't even know was possible! 

Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 11.08.47 AM.png
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