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Creating Value Through Art: The Equity Office Project at 44 Wall Street - murals for real estate marketing

By Marshall Okin, Art Etc, Director of Art and Operations

Art Etc designed and produced Experiential Real Estate Marketing, Murals, Graphics, Canvas Paintings
Art Etc design and produced experiential real estate marketing, murals, graphics and canvas paintings for EQ Office at 45 Pine Street, New York, NY

At Art Etc, we pride ourselves on our ability to transform commercial spaces into vibrant, engaging environments through our custom decor, art consultation, and mural design services. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to work on an exciting project creating for Equity Office, owned by Black Stone Real Estate, at 45 Pine Street in their 44 Wall Street building in New York City. As their primary vendor for custom decor production and experiential marketing, we were tasked with filling a vacant retail space with branded murals for real estate marketing, painted canvases, lettering, and graphic art printed on canvas.

The Project Overview

Our mission for this project was to create a visually stunning space that showcased the building's value as prime real estate and promoted the potential leasing opportunities for prospective retailers. The project included:

  • Branded murals that aligned with the property's brand guidelines.

  • Painted canvases featuring the property logo and other artistic elements.

  • Hand-painted lettering stylized font specified by branding.

  • Graphic art on canvas that included informative marketing graphics, area maps, and a 3D digital rendering of potential renovations.

The Creative Process

Our design process always begins with a meeting with the client to discuss their needs and vision. Typically, we offer three rounds of design concepts, each consisting of three unique ideas, followed by three rounds of revisions to finalize the design. In this case, the client was impressed with our initial concepts, and the final design was nailed down after just one round of revisions.

Once the design was approved, we moved into the production phase, which took approximately two weeks, followed by an installation period of 1-5 days, depending on the hours available at the location. The pace of projects like these are largely determined by the efficiency of the client's internal approval process.

Design Proposals - View full project gallery

Execution and Challenges

Working in commercial spaces in Manhattan presents unique challenges, and this project was no exception. Some of the key challenges included:

  • Logistics in NYC: Navigating the complexities of transporting materials and equipment in downtown Manhattan.

  • 40-foot ceilings: Requiring the use of aerial equipment by our certified operators to complete the installation.

  • Large canvases: Designed to be constructed on-site due to the limitations of service elevators and doorways.

  • Tight deadlines: Ensuring a fast pace of design and production to meet the project's schedule.

  • Brand consistency: Creating custom artwork that adhered to the client's brand style.

Despite these challenges, our experience and expertise in handling large-scale projects in commercial buildings made the process smooth and efficient. EQ Office was a pleasure to work with, and their cooperation greatly contributed to the project's success.

Unique challenges at scale - View full project gallery

The Artistic Impact

The murals and artwork we created for 45 Pine Street highlighted the building’s unique offerings and potential. The graffiti-style murals, combined with chalkboard textures and vibrant colors, create a dynamic and engaging environment. The hand-painted lettering and high-quality canvas paintings add a touch of sophistication, while the printed graphics provide essential information about the location and its potential.

Art Etc design and production of murals, canvas paintings, art, prints on canvas and painted lettering for commercial real estate experiential marketing at EQ Office, 45 Pine St, New York, NY
Final production of main wall and column

Client Feedback and Project Outcome

Feedback from Equity Office and other stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. The branded murals and artistic elements not only enhance the space aesthetically but also effectively communicate the value of the property to potential tenants. This project demonstrates how art can be a powerful tool in real estate marketing, transforming vacant spaces into vibrant showcases of potential.

Transform Your Space with Art Etc

If you're interested in how Art Etc can transform your commercial space, please email me at or fill out a request for a quote form on our website here: (Request a Quote).

We also invite you to follow our journey on Instagram at to see more of our projects and artistic endeavors. Additionally, I am excited to announce a new creative project management business, "MADE," which I am launching this year with my business partner Rebecca Pry. You can preview our upcoming projects at

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to bringing more spaces to life with our art.

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